Wednesday, July 22, 2015


That Murphy law you know? Should be my middle name for sure. I had a new car and wasn't very familiar how much gas left I had and could run with it before getting in trouble. My past car ( a big one) could run for a few miles and that day of course I somehow sensed that something was about to go wrong and I was heading to a gas station, but before even getting close to it,  the car stopped and I just had time to park it on the side of the road in a busy street. I looked around and there was a house a bit far away, another one even further and me and my cell phone with no batteries left. I was quite upset with myself and getting ready to leave and walk when an ANGEL stopped and asked me if I need help. So, I asked this GENTLEMAN for his cell phone that I need to call home and he said:

- Ok I'm in a rush, I'll leave my cell phone with you. My son is at Arrowhead ( an YMCA facility) very close by and please call this number and leave my cell phone with him. I don't want to leave you here alone in case you don't get help right away and need to make more calls in case of an emergency.

I was like: Do I start kissing this angel, bow to him or what?  I thanked him and he noticed I was quite surprised and out of words. I must say I love this country and the people who are always willing to help when you don't expect anything at all. Honestly, who leaves a cell phone to a total stranger that he first met in the street? I was truly pinching myself after this.

So I made the phone call, and yes I got the help that I needed and so I went to to the gas station and then to Arrowhead to meet this guy and leave the cell phone.

Parked the car and went almost all the way up the hill at the office facility, before I approached it , made that phone call to the Angel's son that I don't recall the name anymore. Funny enough there was a guy at the top of the hill waiting for someone or something. So I dialed the number and who picked up the phone? The guy at the top of the hill who checked the number and I guess he saw that it was his dad.

I remember thinking that was a funny thing to happen.

So seconds before he answered , Lionel Ritchie came to my mind ( No, i don't know why in an occasion like this I think of LR) and I started singing:

Hello...I just got to let you know! Cause i wonder where you are, and I wonder what you doooooo . Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Is there someone loving you? ( And I was going up the hill looking straight in the eyes of the angel's son).

Before I even finished the song , the guy up in the hill gave a few steps backwards and disappeared.

My heart was somehow broken as he wasn't looking for me after all. But at the same time I was laughing like crazy which made me look even crazier after singing Lionel's beautiful song.

Met the guy at the service desk asking for help as he thought his dad had been kidnapped by a crazy Lionel fan.

The end....  Lione, I <3 U  !!!