Thursday, April 23, 2015

Driving lessons

A hard hard beginning coming to a new country , and I was about to have my third baby and no car. So I was very determined to get some driving lessons while I was still pregnant with Ashes.
Phonebook on hands, got the number and introduced myself and basically demanding some lessons asap.
This lady told me a guy would call me back to make some arrangements to get my lessons going. Greaaaat!!!!
So he calls me one day and we planned for my very first lesson in a week time. YAY!
Then the day came and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the guy who never showed up. But them he called me:

Guy_ Hello, Mrs B. We've been waiting for you and you never showed up?

Me _ Well I was actually waiting for you to pick me up.

Guy: _ Sorry we don't pick up customers,  you have to come to us.

Me: _ How? I don't have a car.

Guy: _ Well maybe someone can drop you off.

Me: _ Eeer... I always thought that the driver would come over here as I don't even have a license yet.

Guy: _  Well it's true but we are on a different situation.

Me: _ What different situation? You charge me an arm & a leg for a lesson and you cannot even come to pick me up?

Guy: _ But the area zone where you live at does not permit me to drive there.

I was confused. Zone in Portuguese was such a bad bad word that I could not help myself but blush. But anyway, it must be just another English word for something that wasn't very clear to me as I was getting really upset.

Me: _ I see cars all over here, I actually see one right now passing by my window. What's wrong with your car?

Guy: _ Car?

Me: _ Yeah you know? A car! The one you take your kids to school, you take your wife to the movies, the same one you park it in your driveway...

Guy: _ I don't drive a car . I have a truck. I cannot park it in your driveway. It wouldn't fit anyway.

Me: _ Truck? But I want to drive a car.

Oh dear... I phoned a school for truck drivers.  All I needed fully pregnant was to drive a truck around the country.

Start over again...  :P