Saturday, May 02, 2015

Royal Babies

And today we watched the whole world tuned on one single baby in UK: Princess of Cambridge and that is all we know for her name so far. Also seeing baby George paying his little sister a visit was priceless, adorable little George looking quite puzzled as people were cheering and screaming as he left the car with his daddy.
But again every woman in this planet couldn't resist to mention Kate as she exited the hospital. How someone give birth 10 hours before and rock some heels and look that gorgeous? The only thing I can compare myself with Kate was the morning sickness. Mine was so bad that on my last three pregnancies I ended up in hospital to get fluids as I was getting so badly dehydrated. Everything else, is another history.

My second baby birth was quite a Monty Phyton process in hospital. Starting with my poor English back then as I gave an OK to some doctors to assist me, assist in Portuguese means "to watch". And the whole confusion started there. The operation bed was kinda broken, and after they finish my C-section they realized that there was one gauze missing that probably they forgot inside of me, as they started to prepare to open my wound a nurse found it inside the garbage and it wasn't suppose to be there at all as they have to count one by one. Me and baby # 2 ended up in intensive care.

I finally went to my room, and could hold my little princess Nikki who happens to be British too. As I looked at my gorgeous daughter and at the window the first flocks of snow started to come down. This was October 30th 1993.

Two days later we got the OK to leave the hospital and then is when this funny thing happened:
I got inside this huge elevator and it was covered with flowers.  It was for a baby boy and I was carrying a baby girl dressed in pink. The elevator stopped and some guy came in. When he saw that amount of flowers he couldn't help himself and congratulated me birth. But he couldn't stop congratulating me!!!  I was just laughing inside.

Then he said that he could help me carry the flowers out from the hospital, and i couldn't help myself but told him:

_ Relax, my servants will do all the job!

His eyes just popped out off his face, he holded the elevator doors for me and as we headed out from the hospital there was a huge white limousine with a big blue ribbon on the top of it and he almost passed out.

Well I thought maybe there is a royal baby who was born here too and I found funny that he never noticed I was carrying a baby girl.
I walked towards the limo as if I was going to enter it and turned right and headed to our old car and by them I was cracking up to see how mad his face looked as I tricked him. Made my royal wave and left.

And I was just fine as I had my princess Nikki in my arms heading to a new life ! I new exactly what a future queen and king felt like today! Congrats Kate, Will & George!